Teaching Swift and Spritekit

This semester I became a teacher. Granted, I used to teach classes and personal training sessions back during my days at the Apple Store. But this semester I started teaching a class to high school students.

Apple came out with a curriculum for teaching Swift and app development to students called Intro to App Development with Swift. I jumped on the opportunity to share one of my passions with any student that was interested.

Now that the school year is almost over, I can say it’s been a success! I was able to take students that had absolutely zero programming experience and get them comfortable with the Swift programming language and Xcode. And I had a great time!

It was a small class of six students, five of which were seniors who had their last day this week. This means I’m left with one student for the next three weeks until school is out. Oh, and one more thing: we finished the textbook! What to do?

The student that I have left picked up on Swift pretty easily. He’s also shown a big interest in gaming (what teenager doesn’t show an interest in gaming?). So, I had the idea to dip our toes into game development for the remainder of the year by learning Spritekit.

This is new for me too, so we’re learning together. So far, so good!