In & Out – iPhone Compatibility

Since it launched in 2015, In & Out has been only available on the iPad. There are a couple of reasons for this, and this post is going to be completely honest about what those are.

Auto Layout Is Hard

Since In & Out was my first real app that I ever worked on, a lot of its creation involved me learning as I went. I knew enough to make a pretty good iPad app, but I lacked the knowledge and experience to make it look how I wanted it on both iPad and iPhone. Auto Layout in Xcode was still sort of a mystery box to me, and rather than spend the necessary time to learn, I figured I’d just stick with an iPad only layout. This was pre-iPad Pro and all of the screen sizes and resolutions that have come since then, pre- split screen multitasking, and really pre- a lot of the changes that Apple has made in Xcode to make supporting different screen sizes easier. So iPad only it was.

A Market for iPhone Visitor Registration

Another reason I was ok with sticking solely with iPad support was that I wasn’t sure of the market for iPhone visitor registration apps – especially visitor registration apps that would store all data directly on the device. Would a business want a visitor registration app that lived on one iPhone and couldn’t sync to another? I didn’t know. And that lack of certainty of an available market made me just decide to write it off.

Why Add Support Now?

My first reason to not support iPhone – that Auto Layout is hard – isn’t really a reason anymore. With my better understanding of Auto Layout and the support I’m building in for split screen multitasking, there’s really no reason not to support the iPhone’s screen size. It’ll take very little effort to go from supporting a compact screen on iPad to supporting an iPhone screen. And since it’s going to be so trivial to add support, whether or not there’s a market there doesn’t really matter. If it’s so easy to build, why not try the market out? Maybe there’s a huge market for iPhone visitor registration. I don’t know, but it can’t hurt.

In & Out 2020.1

Included with the new update that should be out in the coming weeks is going to be iPhone support. The same features will be there as are in the iPad version.

We’ll see how it goes.