Proper External Display Support for iPadOS

As I mentioned yesterday, I feel the iPad is moving closer and closer toward a traditional laptop replacement. One area that I have long felt the iPad to be lacking just happens to be another thing mentioned by Federico Viticci in his ongoing articles about iPad that he’s been releasing lately – proper external display support.

I see proper integration with external displays as the next big item to tick on Apple’s checklist. Right now, the iPad Pro can mirror its UI to external displays via USB-C, HDMI, or AirPlay; the default UI mirroring mode is limited, however, by pillarboxing, which prevents apps from fully taking advantage of an external display. […]

Here’s what I think Apple should do: the company should introduce a new API that supports iPadOS’ UIScene technology for multiwindowing and allow users to choose which windows (window in the sense of an iPad app window – more details here) should be placed on an external display; unlike the current UI mirroring mode, those windows should be able to fill the entire display and users should be able to control them using the new native pointer. The fact that Apple added pointer support in iPadOS 13.4 rather than waiting for 14 later this year makes me somewhat optimistic about getting a new integration with external displays in the near future.

I really hope proper external display support comes to iPadOS 14. Fingers crossed that we hear something about it at WWDC in June.