OnlyNotes – A COVID Detour

Have the last six months gone like anyone thought they would? They certainly haven’t for me.

My last update on here shared my optimistic plans of reworking In & Out so that it’s fully up to date for modern iPad features as well as able to be used on iPhone. I said it’d be done in weeks.

That update was in April, and if you judge based on the lack of updates since then, you can probably tell that it hasn’t gotten done. Truth be told, I haven’t really worked on it since probably May.

Why is that? Well, while working on the update, I found myself wanting a simple notes app that I could use when I had thoughts and ideas about changes I wanted to make in the app.

I tried the Apple notes app, but I still think it’s one of the most hideous notes apps out there. I guess it’s better than the yellow, lined paper with Marker Felt font, but it’s still a faux paper background. Aesthetically, I just can’t handle the Notes app.

I wanted a simple notes app in the style of Vesper (RIP). Just an app I can open and write notes with a white background and black text. No frills or clutter.

The problem was, I didn’t really see one that I liked. So I figured, I’ll spend a night making one the way I like, and then I can use that from now on. Can’t take too long, right?

Well, apps will always take longer to make than I plan on. But I have to say after I got working on it, I figured, why not just finish this up and put it on the App Store? And thus OnlyNotes was born.

So in the coming days, OnlyNotes will launch on the App Store.

It’s a free, plain text notes app. Very clean and simple. Syncs with iCloud.

And it’s exactly what I wanted.