These are some of the apps I’ve made. If you need support or if you have any questions, send me an email or contact me on Twitter.

In & OutIn & Out arrow logo

In & Out is a simple visitor sign in app for iPad. It provides a clean, easy to use interface for you to keep track of your visitors. In & Out was designed to make using your iPad for visitor sign in as intuitive and simple as possible. With In & Out,  you can capture names, email addresses, phone numbers, and more, all in an easy to access list right on your iPad. You can even export the visitor reports as a spreadsheet to view on your computer. Ditch your paper sign in sheet and impress your visitors with a modern sign in solution!

Buzz BookBuzz Book app icon

Buzz Book is a contact directory I created for a private school. The app is password protected, but you can follow the link to the App Store to see screenshots of it in action. With Buzz Book, a user can view contact info for other families, including phone numbers, email addresses, and street addresses. Buzz Book makes texting, calling, or getting directions easy and intuitive. If you’d like a similar app for your school or business, get in touch!